Sales Tax Questions

Why am I being charged Sales Tax?

States have the right to collect sales tax on out of state online orders. If you see Sales Tax being added to your order, that is because we have a nexus in your state and must collect and file Sales Tax in your state. Currently, Crafty Jan’s only nexus is the State of Wisconsin.

My business or organization is Tax Exempt. How can I make a tax-exempt purchase?

If your business or organization is tax exempt, first register for an account with Crafty Jan’s if you are not already registered. You can register for an account here.

  • After you have registered for an account:
    • Go to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue web site and obtain and fill out the S-211 form for your organization or business.
    • You can get the form S-211 from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website, or by searching for Wisconsin form S-211.
    • Send a completed copy of the form to Crafty Jan’s using the form below.
  • Crafty Jan’s will verify your resale information with the State of Wisconsin and then once verified, setup your account as tax exempt.  This process can take up to 3 business days.

Please note all future orders placed under your tax-exempt account will be tax exempt. Please make sure to always use that account when placing orders.

PDF Copy of S-211