Jan – Founder, Artisan

Crafty Jan’s owes its creative spirit and vibrant existence to the visionary founder, Jan. With an innate passion and talent for crafting and creating unique gifts, and a relentless pursuit of artistic expression, Jan laid the foundation for our beloved establishment. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the world of handmade creations have shaped Crafty Jan’s into a haven for craft enthusiasts. Jan’s vision goes beyond a mere business; it’s a celebration of creativity, community, and the joy of designing and crafting creativity. Her leadership has not only established a thriving hub for artisans but has also cultivated a warm and inviting space where imagination knows no bounds. Crafty Jan’s stands as a testament to Jan’s unwavering commitment to the art of crafting and her desire to share that passion with the world.

Kurt – Artisan and Shipping Gnome

Kurt at Crafty Jan’s is a true jack-of-all-trades, seamlessly juggling the roles of both a shipping gnome and an artisan. With his gnome-like dedication, Kurt ensures that each meticulously crafted masterpiece finds its way to its new home securely and with a touch of magic. His shipping prowess turns the mundane into a whimsical experience for customers eagerly awaiting their handmade treasures. On the flip side, Kurt’s artistic talents shine through in his role as an artisan, where his nimble fingers and creative spirit bring enchanting and imaginative creations to life. From graphic design for our laser engraved products to CNC wood working skills, Kurt infuses his craftsmanship into the heart of Crafty Jan’s, making him an indispensable and whimsically versatile member of the crafting community.

Chip-E and Sammie – Shop Supervisors, Keepers of the Puppy Cookies

In our bustling shop, the role of shop supervisors is uniquely embodied by our loyal and furry companions. These canine supervisors bring an unmatched enthusiasm and dedication to their responsibilities, overseeing the daily operations with a blend of diligence and charm. Their keen sense of observation ensures that the shop functions seamlessly, from managing inventory to maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for both customers and employees. These four-legged supervisors play a crucial role in fostering a positive work environment, infusing the shop with an uplifting energy that resonates with everyone who walks through the door. Their presence goes beyond mere supervision; it symbolizes a commitment to a harmonious and vibrant workspace where our canine colleagues contribute significantly to the overall success and ambiance of the shop.